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Welcome to the official website of ”Modh Mahoday”. This is a new initiative by the modhmahoday organisation to bring its presence to the digital world. You can find all the information about the ‘‘Modh Mahoday Organisation” here in this website. The reviews of the visitors are most welcomed , you can comment your reviews here below in the comment box.


  1. A Well come step by Modh Mahoday
    Good Luck

  2. Welcome step by Modh Mahoday

  3. My customer number is 11909 and I have submitted request for my address change as I shifted from Jamnagar to Ahmedabad. For this I sent 2 times e-mails(1st and 12th of August) for the change of address, but till now I didn’t get any confirmation from your side weather my address is changed or not? please check your mail box and do the needful for address change as earliest….So that I can receive my magazine at my new address.

  4. Manish Parekh. Customer no. 11909

    How can I contact to Modhmahoday office for address change purpose, E-mailed details 2 times but no any response from modhmahoday office.

  5. Sir

    How can i send junagadh modh gobhva and adalja members information ?
    by email or hard copy pl. guide me.


  6. It would be very nice to see mobile apps for reading Modh Mahoday

  7. Well done to come on digitization of modh mahoday and useful for next generation…


  9. Jai Matangi Ma

  10. many achievement and congrats for the same now awaiting for good print quality.

  11. Hello Respected Members,

    I request you to keep e magazines updated till date. It always be good to fetch the footfall on site and word of mouth for online platform.

    I also want to suggest it will be a best if we can provide platform for matrimonial conversations like other companies like are giving at cost. So Instead of putting scanned copy of all matrimonial advertisements in e magazine, can’t we prepare a platform where all digital data of candidate is stored and if one finds suitable he/she can drop a message.

    This is because somewhere I found usage of our modh mahoday magazine is got restricted to elder people only wherein young generation needs to be tap so that they also can get involved.

    Can’t we have filter/screening/search page for this category of people so that they can communicate like open forum so that people who are not financially sound in our community can post their daughter/Son data on page and can get contacts.

    A Thoughtful discussion. We can also have a poll for people opinion.


    Palak Parikh

    Jay Shree Krishna

  12. Dear Admin,

    Jay Shree Krishna.

    Please upload all emagazines after October-15.
    This Will help Members outside India to remain updated, connected & enlightened.

    Jay Matangi.

  13. Subscription for modh mohadev
    Pls advise your animal subs for hard copy is from which period (month-month) or is that it starts from the time payment sent.

    Also pls email me your bank account so can send payment in line as I am overseas and post to India takes a Ling time

  14. Not now found emagazine.

  15. Add 25th Celebration Book and Shatabdi Samaranika granth.

  16. Hi, This is a very good step by our community. Where can we find eMagazines before April on the website?

  17. Waiting for e Magazine August 2017 issue.

  18. When september edition of modh modhay will be published online..
    As we have stop receiving physical copy frm last 2 months

  19. Waiting for e magazine September 2017 issue.
    Jai Shree krishna

  20. How to subscribe Modh Mahoday magazine? & How can I pay payment? Please inform.

  21. p l z add some hedings in menu of the website.

    like about us
    contect us
    for article whom to contect
    for subscription whom to contect
    mission of the organisation
    etc..that will be easy accesible to any new readers .

  22. Dear sir
    I want to open account in manad murabbi membership and we want to print out commercial advertisement of our company in 1/2 page for 12 months than with whom I can contact in Ahmedabad?

  23. this inititive is highly apprreciated.carry on !

  24. મોઢ મહોદય નું મુખ્ય પાનું દર વખતે સરસ રંગો અને છબી થી બનાવવામાં આવે છે. (પાનાં નં 1). આ કાર્ય અત્યારે સંસ્થા પોતે તેના પ્રિન્ટર પાસે કરાવે છે. આ કાર્ય માટે આપણે સૌ યુવાનો ને આમન્ત્રણ આપી ને મુખ પત્ર ની ડિજાઇન કરાવવી એવું સૂચન છે. દર મહિને જેની ડિજાઇન સારી હોય તે છાપી અને યાદગીરી માટે પુરસ્કાર આપવો તેવું સૂચન છે.

    આજે આપણી પાસે મોટો યુવાન વર્ગ છે. ટેક્નોલોજી નો ઉપયોગ કરે છે. સારી જાણકારી છે. આ કામ માટે તેમનો ઉત્સાહ વધશે અને નામ પણ થશે

  25. When we will receivearch 2018 magzine..??

  26. Good work really apriciable 👍👍

  27. Really good steps

  28. Ketan mehta from ghatkopar

  29. Kishan Vadodariya

    Please update May-19 E-magazine..

  30. Waiting for March e magazine

  31. Kishan Vadodariya

    Waiting for Aug-2020 e-Magazine

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