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Our Dream

It is the dream of the “Modh Mahoday Organisation” that the magazine should reach to all the families of Modh Vanik Samaj. The magazine gives services like birth and death details,details of marriage and betrothal, educational details and results of shining stars, articles on religious , social, educational and career related fields.

Apart from the magazine the organisation has planned for  ‘Pamchamrut Programme‘. The organisation has seriously worked out to a remarkable result in the field of Health ( Medical Aid ), educational aids, financial help to needy members,unity and culture.

The organisation has started  ‘Tabibi Rahat Fund‘. We have also recieved certificate under section 80G of income tax Act. The organisation is making serious efforts to collect at least Rs 5 crore for ‘Tabibi Rahat Fund‘.  The organisation has decided to give name of the donor to the fund created for critical diseases, provided the donor donates more than 11 lakhs for the noble cause. There are many more noblr work to be done in ‘Panchamrut Programme’.

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